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  1. Members may borrow any books at any time in person, by phone or through our website.

  2. Each person may borrow up to 4 sets of braille books, 6 sets of talking books, 4 pieces of compact disc, 4 items of multimedia materials and various periodicals each time. The duration of a loan for books is one month while the loan for other materials is two weeks.

  3. Loans can be renewed by phone providing no other readers are waiting for those library materials. Loans for braille and taliking books can be renewed for one more month; loans for music CDs and multimedia can be renewed for two more weeks. Loans for all library materials can be renewed twice.

  4. If visually impaired students need to borrow textbooks and reference books for a long term basis, they have to apply for the loans either through their own schools or through any organizations for / of the blind or approach our library directly. The duration of these loans is one year. Renewal of loans will be done upon the receipt of application.

  5. For non- student members, if they want to borrow some books on a long term basis due to the need of work and daily living, a written application is required.

  6. Periodicals (catalogues, braille and talking magazines etc). We provide various braille and talking magazines for members to subscribe or borrow for 2 weeks. Members are welcomed to borrow different local and foreign magazines.

  7. During the opening hours, members may enjoy music, movie, educational video and different CD- ROMs. They may also borrow videotapes, video compact discs and music compact discs for two weeks, and should be returned by the lenders in person or other people.

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