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Cyberworld was set up for members' use and training need with donation of 8 sets of desktop PCs with 19" LCD monitors from IBM China/HK Ltd.. Apart from hardware donation, IBM also donates 50 licenses of Aworks and Web Adaptation Technology (WAT) that are the software developed by IBM specially for low vision computer users.

Smart Globe

Members can touch the pen to a country in the Smart Globe to hear interesting facts such as the country name, capital city, population, language, history and much more. The Smart Goble was placed in Rm. 206 .

Audible-touch China Map

IAC deployed available technology to develop the first audible-touch China map in Hong Kong with aims to help the visually impaired develop their mind map and facilitate them more understanding about geographical knowledge.

Digital Talling Book Reader - Victor Reader Classic Plus

It supports music compact discs, MP3 compact discs and DAISY formate compact discs. It has advanced functionality such as skipping instantly to a specific page and placing multiple bookmarks. You can take and operate Victor Reader Classic Plus anywhere, using its integrated rechargeable batteries and built-in handle. If members have any inquiry regarding the application for the loans of the reader, please feel free to contact the staff by phone.


Library provides braillewriter for library user to record information.

Braille Display

Refreshable braille display device - These are electrical devices normally connected to a computer. The contents of web page or text document displayed on the screen, if existed in text format or with a text equivalent, can be converted to braille display on these devices. The braille patterns are translated real time and can be changed dynamically on command and thus the contents of the web page or text document can be read online. Such braille devices normally work hand in hand with a screen reader software and the contents of the braille display will be formatted by the rendering provided by the screen reader software.

Closed Circuit Magnifier

Closed Circuit Magnifier can enlarge the printed material displayed on the magnifier to assist with poor or low vision.

Closed Circuit Magnifier (DaVinci Pro) NEW!!

DaVinci Pro is a fully integrated solution, offering the advantages of a CCTV and OCR combined into one system. DaVinci Pro enables individuals with low vision to retain the joys of reading by listening along or viewing in color, enhanced high-contrast positive or negative modes. With easy-to-use buttons and dials, you can enlarge or reduce the text in seconds, change viewing options for easier visibility and much more.

davinci pro
Magnified Software

Magnified software tools can enlarge the characters displayed on the screen to assist users with poor or low vision.


Screen Reader

The computers in the center are equipped with NVDA and JAWS. It can read the text displayed on the computer screen and convert it into sound.


Printer and scanner



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